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Aforesaid Agreement

Remember my last pre-side intervention (here)? Well, suppress your gag reflex and meet his close relatives, said above and above. This term is often used in contracts, leases and real estate contracts to refer to the property, without describing it in detail every time it is mentioned; For example, “the premises mentioned above.” the administrator makes the funds received from the banks available to the relevant party of the account at the address of the administrative officer above. … if any of the above rates are below zero, this rate is considered zero for the purposes of this agreement. Such an amendment or exemption should not reduce the percentage of securities listed above… The above word comes in two flavors. First, it appears in the expression above: in this context, the above expression serves a function that corresponds to the demonstrative pronouns of it, it and it. Instead, try using one of them. Any notification, request or other information will be valid (i) if given by mail, 72 hours after this message filed in the first class emails of Porto prepaid, addressed as above and the return bulletin requested … The word mentioned is used in the same way as those mentioned above.

As stated in this contract, “company” refers to the company, as defined below, and any successor for its activities and/or assets, as noted above, which supports and accepts this agreement by law or in some other way. It`s not. Before the mention; I have said that before. This is used to identify a person or thing; how Peter, from the city of Philadelphia, was mentioned; if it is necessary to talk about it, it is only necessary to tell Peter foreword, and if the city of Philadelphia, it can be done, as the city of Philadelphia says above. … The company undertakes to take all measures, including the presentation of all documents and instruments that may be necessary to fully and effectively pursue this appointment, as has been stated above. You can also replace these terms with demonstrative adjectives: these, these. To write clearly and effectively, avoid legal jargon such as the word mentioned above or mentioned above. Instead, use words like before, earlier or more.

In any case, it would be better to say according to section X or as indicated in section X.

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