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Arti Non Disclosure Agreement

Confidentiality agreements can be reached for companies that enter into negotiations with other companies. They allow parties to exchange sensitive information without fear that the information will pass into the hands of competitors. In this case, this agreement can be referred to as a reciprocal confidentiality agreement. There are two types of NOAs: the reciprocal confidentiality agreement and the confidentiality agreement. The provisions relating to confidentiality agreements in Indonesia are set by Trade Secrets Act 30 2000 (Trade Secrecy Act). Non-reciprocal means here that only one party has the potential to disseminate sensitive information. Hello Madam, almost the translation of secrecy has been lost here 😀 When the obligations of confidentiality mean the obligation not to disclose, or how ma`am? Tia. For those who have been in the business world for a long time, the concept of confidentiality agreement or NOA is often to be heard. The company and employees need to understand the NDA as an important form of the agreement. Because without good understanding, an abandoned NOA can come to the green table. Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement between two parties in order to preserve the confidentiality of certain information and material that they may share with their access/information, but which cannot be known to outsiders (third parties). What is the implementation of the NDA in the world of work? What aspects can link an NDA? We are processing this article.

In addition to protecting its business interests through a “non-disclosure” clause, the company also strengthens the protection of its commercial interests through a “non-circumvention clause.” This is based on the idea that the company`s business partners may not pass on their trade secrets to third parties, but that the partner may use confidential information to its advantage. To avoid the use of this confidential information, a “non-circumvention clause” is created. Under this clause, counterparties cannot use the company`s confidential business information to seize the opportunities already known. Confidentiality and non-circumvention clauses are usually a business in a commercial agreement. The inclusion of these two clauses in a trade agreement becomes a perfect trading panel for contractors who have confidential information. There are also states up to an unspecified time. This means that not all parties involved are allowed to betray what is called forever. Therefore, the agreed parties should carefully read the content of the agreement. Secret – No Disclosure (Confidential Information) If friends are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement at any time, make sure friends understand the written rules.

Make sure friends already know and understand the risks they face when friends leak confidential company information. Therefore, a person has the freedom to enter into contracts when implementing the NDA. Contractual freedom means that the party is free to enter into an agreement as long as it is not contrary to law, decency and public order. This is in accordance with Article 1337 juncto 1338 of the Civil Code. There are many definitions of non-disclosure and non-circumvention in the Internet and dictionary and it is quite difficult to find the Indonesian equivalent.

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