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Australian Red Cross Blood Service Enterprise Agreement Nsw

In accordance with our Flexible Work – 48/52 policy, you can also take additional annual leave by reducing your salary from the nominated weeks and annualize this salary each year throughout the year. For more information and useful calculators to estimate how much you could save, please visit our work benefits provider, Maxxia. Our policy and performance support model review – development not only ensures that you have sufficient skills and support to fulfill your current role, but that you also have the opportunity to improve your work to meet your personal career. You could save taxes and savings on operating your car. For more information, please visit our work service provider, Maxxia. If you have an ongoing working relationship with us, you have the right to enter into a new lease for a motor vehicle, subject to the financial`s credit authorization and the authorization we grant it. By renting a vehicle through Maxxia, you have been able to save a lot of money, including your rental costs, insurance and maintenance and maintenance costs. Pay slips allow you to pay certain expenses before taxes are deducted from income. This will reduce the amount of taxes paid, which will help employees get the most out of their income. You can package a number of benefits up to $15,900 per FBT year on items such as mortgages, rent, tuition, private health insurance or even a personal credit refund.

You can choose to use our comfortable packing payment card to pack the daily cost of living, including food, clothing and electricity bills. In all our activities, we draw on the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and the code of conduct. The Red Cross works for a safe and healthy environment for staff and volunteers. Our ethical framework indicates who we are and how we behave in our work on behalf of the Red Cross. The ethical framework document also describes the fundamentals. In all activities, our volunteers, members and collaborators are guided by the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. Our Flexible Employment Contracts Directive contains provisions such as the ability to change your start and end hours, job sharing and part-time options, if any.

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