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Conacre Licence Agreement

Perhaps, because of the relatively short time frames covered by the conacre and agistment agreements, they were rather simple documents or were introduced simply by shaking hands. A contract of conacre or acting is a seasonal contract that does not justify the relationship of a landlord and a tenant. This is not ideal. The licensee has no legal certainty as to the extension of the contract for the coming season. This would have an impact on the licensee`s investment in the country. The owner of the land does not know if the licensee will take over the field for the following season, and so on. The landowner may allow another person to grow a crop in the countryside. The owner and the other person can enter into a written agreement (usually called a conacre agreement). Stamp duty is not taxable, provided that the Conacre agreement only allows the other person to enter the country to grow the crop.

This type of contract is not a rental agreement, as it does not provide for exclusive ownership (the owner can enter the country at any time). 19th century legislation was repealed by the 1997 Property Ordinance (Northern Ireland) and is now open to landowners and farmers to enter into a lease rather than a seasonal agreement. If you would like more information on these issues, please contact Eric Kyle or Jonathan Coen from this office. Landowners and farmers should consider establishing a fixed-term lease (with or without rent verification) and fully outline all rental issues, such as. B obligations relating to the use of pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified crops, animal welfare, repair and maintenance of fences. Note: This is a comment from the law above, as the first year should be the subject of specific legal advice on matters that arise or relate to October 2014, and it is recommended to take this into account in the particular circumstances. To this end, we have developed a number of documents dealing with short-term rentals with or without buildings, long-term rentals with or without buildings, including rent verification provisions.

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