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Csu Bargaining Agreements

The first tariff proposals were presented and exchanged at the CSU Foundation Board meeting from 28 to 29 January 2020. The CFA Board of Directors adopted the union`s proposals at its December 2019 meeting. Read the following documents: The Department of Labor and Labor Relations manages collective agreements, complaint arbitration procedures and campus labour relations at California State University. We advocate a positive and productive relationship between the CSU and its 53,000 employees. The 2014-2017 faculty contract is the collective agreement between LA CFA and THE management of the CSU. It was extended until 2021, with changes in the post after that explained. Use the menu below to select another unit and view its negotiation agreement and other documents. New to the CSU? If you are unsure of the bargaining unit you are in or have other issues, check your new rental documents or call your local personal contact to find out more. Printed contract books are available on request from your campus CFA chapter. . Appendix E: Individual Safety Complaint Form on the four CSU CAMPUS AUDITED: The audit of safety risks on four CSU campuses by California Auditory Elaine Howle is capable, and the results are worrisome: faulty laboratory equipment, unsecured drinking water, asbestos and chemical spills.

CFA members voted 98 percent in favor of ratifying the preliminary agreement on the faculty contract between the California Faculty Association and California State University Management. CSUEU English Language Program Instructors, Cal State LA All CSU faculties benefit from the 3.5% general increase published in our December 1st paychecks. Article 28: Family and Sick Leave and Termination of Pregnancy Leave To see past CFA-CSU collective agreements, contact CFA headquarters. MOU: AB119 For staff reorientation (October 22, 2019) Members of the CFA bargaining team successfully negotiated an extension of the collective agreement until June 30, 2021. CFA members overwhelmingly approved the two-year extension of the Group 3 faculty contract in a ratification vote last week. At on-campus CFA Chapter meetings, CFA members review the attempt agreement between the CFA and CSU management to extend the contract until June 2020.

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