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Fear Based Agreements

Love is unconditional. Fear is full of conditions. On the trail of fear, I love you when you let me control you, if you are good to me, if you put yourself in the image I make for you. I create an image of what you should be, and since you are not the image and you will never be, I judge you and find you guilty. Often I am even ashamed of you because you are not what I want. If you don`t go to this image that I make, you shame me, you annoy me, I have no patience with you. I`m just doing kindness. Many of our cultural beliefs, family beliefs and even personal conversations are motivated by fear. A wise man named Don Miguel Ruiz has developed a series of four chords that help us break beliefs based on fear, creating incredible reserves of energy, joy and enthusiasm for each other and for life. Then, if you know what love is and what fear is, you will be aware of how you communicate your dream to others. The quality of your communication depends on the decisions you make at all times, whether you give your emotional body to love or fear.

In the four agreements, Miguel Ruiz asserts that the way people are “domesticated” – conditionally to live in society – fundamentally harms the psyche. Children are indoctrinated to behave according to social rules, punishing them for their bad behaviour and rewarding them for their behaviour. Because of this indoctrination, most people grow up with the deeply entrenched habit of judging their own behaviour and punishing themselves for not respecting the social rules they have internalized. According to Ruiz, this way of thinking encourages man to live in constant fear. People are afraid to do something wrong, say or think; Be imperfect Evaluation or to be punished by oneself and others. Ruiz asserts that life in this cycle of judgment and fear causes people to suffer unnecessarily, and that this imprisons us in a “living hell” on earth. Toltec Professor of Wisdom Don Miguel Ruiz Sr. and his son Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. speak of peace with fear and understanding perfectionism from the point of view of the Four Accords. Love has no obligations.

Fear is full of obligations. On the road to fear, everything we do is because we have to do it, and we expect others to do something because they have to do it. We have a duty and as soon as we have to do so, we will oppose it. The more resistance we have, the more we suffer. Sooner or later, we will try to escape our obligations. On the other hand, love has no resistance. What we are doing is because we want to do it. It will be a pleasure; It`s like a game, and we have fun with it. Perfection is something that is totally free of error. Guess what? We define what a mistake is in our agreements. There is no mistake in the world.

It exists only in our mind and only through unity, which means that everything is perfect as it is. On the trail of love, there is justice. If you make a mistake, you only pay once for this error, and if you really love each other, you learn from that error. On the trail of fear, there is no justice. You get paid a thousand times for the same mistake. You charge your partner or friend a thousand times for the same mistake. This creates a sense of injustice and creates many emotional wounds. So, of course, you`re preparing to fail. People have dramas for everything, even for something so simple and so little. We see these dramas in normal relationships in hell, because couples are on the trail of fear.

The way you see a movie corresponds to the chords you made with life. Your point of view is personal to you. That`s nobody`s truth except yours. So if you`re kidding me, I know you`re dealing with yourself. I`m the excuse to drive you crazy. And you`re going crazy because you`re scared, because you`re mixed with fear. So use your word correctly. Use the word to share your love.

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