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Fgcu Collective Bargaining Agreement

Suspension of the rules for reopening negotiations in 2020/2021, in order to open more than two articles to uff and management for negotiations that maintain items like paid family leave without waiting two years for a full bookstore. Although they received a “substantial” wage increase, the final order of the case indicates that the restructuring was done, as necessary, without collective bargaining. The administration of the UFF-FGCU and the FGCU have reached an agreement and signed a Memorandum of Understanding that allows for retroactive transport increases to be paid until August 2017. At this meeting, we will formally open the “Full Book” negotiation process and work towards the conclusion of the ongoing 2017-2018 salary and promotions negotiations. As you probably know, we have not yet reached an agreement with management to fund both increases for authorized faculty grants and salary increases this year. Agreement on these issues will be our priority for this meeting. UFF members and non-members are invited to this meeting as observers of the process. Their presence will show support for the faculty`s critical role at the FGCU. The next meeting of the UFF management will take place on Wednesday, November 1 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

in the Marieb 402 room. The management team is led by Dr. Tony Barringer, Associate Provost/VP Academic Affairs Partner, who will act as Chief Negotiator. The main negotiating priority of the UFF will be to work towards the conclusion of the ongoing negotiations on salary and promotions 2017-2018. Everyone is invited to negotiating meetings as observers. Their presence will support the crucial role of the faculty at the FGCU. Signs warn students and others not to feed alligators that live in several lakes laid out by human herds (as a result of another environmental agreement) and that they can regularly be seen lounging on campus. There are also wild boars and turkeys, fire ants with nasty arrangements and a variety of snakes.

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