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Giving Opinion Agreement

This is a very formal but very useful sentence that you can use to express your opinion. If you are a naturally curious person or if you accept the suggestions of others, you will often ask the opinions of others. And if you`re happy to express your ideas, it`s something you`ll do regularly to express your opinion. We now come to a more direct expression. It`s a good sentence to give advice and express your opinion. It should only be used in an informal setting. In my humble opinion, add a little courtesy to express your opinion. Being humble means acting with great restraint and caution so as not to offend people. Alan: Hey Steph, what did you think of the new Terminator movie? Steph: Well, in my opinion, it wasn`t as good as the older ones. I did not find the plot credible.

Alan: Yes, it was weird. Think about it literally, you say that if anyone wants to know what I think, that`s it. A common response to this sentence, if your opinion is undesirable, no one would be asked. Sometimes, when we express opinions, we might like to give a reason. In this article, I teach you “native-like” expressions to ask for and give opinions, react to opinions, approve and disagree, and finally express reservations. After learning a handful of these phrases, speak with more variety and sound more like a native speaker. Alan: You really didn`t make that movie back then? That`s too bad. Steph: No, I just thought there was nowhere near the old movies. But that`s just my humble opinion! These are ways to end up with a slight sense of uncertainty. In other situations, you can use this to politely disagree with friends when they make plans or have a discussion about something. It is a very good way to express a strong opinion without being severely judged. By saying personally, you take full responsibility for the opinion.

When we negotiate, or just talk to a friend, we often have to agree or disagree with the other person. I count on a sentence is mainly reserved for British English English and the southern United States. It is a very personal thing to say and for this reason it implies that opinion is not an expert. It`s just that person`s point of view. I think it is also a bit familiar and probably best reserved for informal situations.

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