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In Reference To The Agreement

Proven methods. It is strongly recommended that the number of cross-references be minimized. First, it improves the legibility of the treaty; The fewer cross-references, the better a reader should be able to understand a particular provision on his own without having to turn to other parts of the contract. References that depend on it independently and without prejudice are usually the most troublesome. Second, a high number of cross-references, particularly in a first draft treaty, increases the likelihood of mistrial or dead dismissals. If you are concerned about the specificity of a referral without such a suffix, you should include a clause in the interpretive article, for example.B.: cross-references. A provision often refers to a contractual clause in the same contract or other contract. (Note that a provision may also refer to itself: this section 9.2.) Such a reference indicates how the two provisions interact with each other; whether one is one elaboration on the other, subordinate or predominant. Automated cross-references. Common word bar offers an automatic update feature for referrals, but in MS Word, this is an additional cause of problems, as the technical reference point easily disappears when editing the document.

It`s a good habit to use such features and, if you do it regularly, consider changing your personal preferences so that the “field shade” is always displayed in gray on the screen (the default setting being that it only turns gray if the cursor is on the reference). Such automatically generated cross-references are reliable for contract automation software applications, but in these cases too, subsequent drafting work can make erroneous referrals. Suffix. Some cartoonists add an indication below, above or here. It indicates that the reference is an internal reference and not a reference to part of another contract. It is a good practice to omit such a “suffix.” The omission implies the possibility that a reference without a suffix could be interpreted as a reference to something that is probably outside the treaty. However, in almost all cases, its omission does not cause confusion (whereas, in the opposite context, when referring to a source outside the contract, the author will probably be very careful that the reference is specific and correct). If a reference to a calendar or appendix is made, it may be helpful to add the title of the calendar or schedule immediately after the reference (and, of course, to ensure that the title does not change unless the reference is also changed). Sections 6.4, 6.5 (b), 7, 8.4, 12, 16, 17 and 18 apply for the previous term or termination of this contract.

Subject to Section 4.4, within 30 days of the delivery date… The technology license refers to the technology license agreement that is attached as Schedule4. Benefits corrected, supplemented or amended in accordance with item 5.2 (b) (b) are subject to acceptance in accordance with this section 5.1; and marking references.

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