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International Technology Transfer Agreement

In addition, withholding income tax can only take place within a specified period of time, making it impossible to withhold. In the agreement, the parties must reasonably take responsibility for the tax burden and thoroughly consider the possibility of a reasonable transfer. This is not only about domestic taxation, but also about the issue of compensating cross-border income. The language. If the languages used by the parties differ, the agreement can be translated into another language. The parties should indicate in the agreement which language to favour in order to avoid a situation where there is no choice. If the official language of the agreement is German, but the lawyer does not speak German and verifies the Chinese translated version of the agreement, the client must hire a local lawyer to collaborate with the Chinese lawyer. Control of the exchange. Some countries will require, on the basis of the issue of clearing foreign currency payments, that the verification and administrative approval of government authorities be ensured before a cross-border technology transfer agreement comes into force.

Such monetary control policies can make it more difficult to exchange currencies or pay cross-border. In addition to presenting the themes common to all technology transfer agreements, international technology transfer agreements also represent differences in the aforementioned legal systems, export restrictions, exchange controls, taxation, dispute resolution and language. When developing or verifying an agreement, the lawyer must take full account of individual differences in cross-border agreements and adapt them to the client`s requirements. And even if the lawyer can use German to discuss, he usually cannot understand the nuances in the language. Such nuances are extremely important in legal agreements. In the event of a dispute between the parties leading to arbitration, translation costs are also a necessary expense. The international transfer of technology is one of the most important forms of technology exchange between countries. Due to the diversity of legal systems, legal systems and legal cultures of different professionals, lawyers are required to pay particular attention to the following issues in the development and revision of international technology agreements. This standard contract covers the case where a manufacturer licenses a company to license a set of information and industrial property rights. The licensee can then also manufacture the products with the licensee`s technology. Differences in intellectual property law.

Intellectual property legal systems vary from country to country; In particular, there are differences in patent and trademark registration systems, nustic ethical rights over copyright, the right to works developed in common, the protection of copyright data, etc.

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