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Militant Group In 1994 Peace Agreement

Establishing full diplomatic relations; Exchanging messages Normal trade relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates are an important diplomatic step forward. But inevitably, it raises questions. Will the full promise of this agreement be kept? And could other Gulf countries follow a similar path? Appendix I deals with borders and sovereignty. Appendix I, point a), establishes an “administrative border” between Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank in 1967, without prejudice to the status of that territory. Israel recognizes Jordan`s sovereignty over the territory of Naharayim/Baqura (including the island of peace) and the Tzofar/Al Ghamr region. [9] Appendix II deals with water and related issues. In accordance with Article 6 of the Treaty, Jordan and Israel agreed to create a “Common Water Committee” (Article VII). [10] Appendix III deals with crime and illicit drugs. [11] Appendix IV is about the environment. [12] Appendix V covers border crossings, passports and visas. Article 6 states that “any contracting party has the right to refuse entry to a person in accordance with its rules.” [13] The agreed protocol of the treaty contains a number of details on the implementation of the peace treaty.

[14] Today, Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty on this desert outpost along their border, which has been digested to their hopes, to leave behind 46 years of war, mistrust and fear for tomorrow. Around the time the signing ceremony began this afternoon in the northern Gulf of Akaba, guerrillas from southern Lebanon fired mortar bombs at northern Israel. It was not known who had fired, but suspicions focused on the party of God, supported by Iran, an Islamic group opposed to Arab peace with the Israelis. Jordan`s growing opposition to the peace agreement with Israel has prompted Hussein to further restrict freedom of expression. [20] Several dissidents were imprisoned, including Laith Shubeilat, a prominent Islamist. A few months after his captivity, King Shubeilat, his most vocal critic, personally left Swaqa prison. [23] However, the crackdown led opposition groups in Jordan to boycott the 1997 parliamentary elections. [20] In 1998, Jordan rejected a secret request by Netanyahu to attack Iraq using Jordanian airspace, after claiming that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. [20] In response, Israeli forces and their Lebanese allied militias unleashed artillery fire on hills considered guerrilla hotspots. Although no casualties were reported on either side of the border, the incident highlighted the distance Israel still has to travel for peace with Lebanon and its benefactor, Syria. All men — the always radiant king and the often dour prime minister — have noticed that peace has been achieved not only by their countries, but also by them personally.

They each had something to gain. The peace treaty consists of a preamble, 30 articles, 5 annexes and agreed protocols. It regulates issues of territory, security, water and cooperation on a number of issues. [7] “This huge, desolate desert hides great signs of life,” Clinton said against a backdrop of sand and sage brush in an area known as the Arava Valley. “Today we see this as proof, because peace between Jordan and Israel is no longer a mirage. It`s true. It`s going to take root in this soil.

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