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Download the most recent software version for your device. Note: when sorting by date, `descending order` will show the newest results first. Thanks for the heads-up. Are you aware of any reason why we should prevent the upgrade from taking place That is, did you include the no-install instructions for a particular reason, or just for completeness? Ich habe MyDrive Connect neu Installiert. Navi ist mit PC verbunden und erkannt. Es erscheint die folgende Meldung: Even though it was a problem only for some devices, and only in Great Britain, the 9.401 update that fixed the issue was rolled out worldwide to maintain a common code base everywhere. (EU) ONE IQ Routes Edition and Pearl, XL IQ Routes Edition / XL IQ Routes Edition 2 / XL (IQ Routes) Classic, XL IQ Routes LIVE, XXL / XXL Classic, Start 2 / Start Classic / Start XL but not Start 1, GO x20, GO x30, GO x40 LIVE, GO x50 (LIVE) Chez TomTom, nous vous aidons en toutes circonstances. C`est pourquoi nous utilisons des cookies pour améliorer nos sites, afin de vous offrir des informations pertinentes en fonction de vos centres d’intérêt et d`interagir avec les réseaux sociaux. Si vous êtes d`accord, vous pouvez continuer à utiliser nos sites. cliquez ici At TomTom, we`re all about helping you get around. That`s why we use cookies to improve our sites, to offer information based on your interests and to interact with social media. If you`re OK with this, you can continue using our sites. click here…

The TomTom HD Traffic receiver is also no longer supported. The receiver was only available in the Netherlands. When downloading this software, the TomTom HD Traffic receiver will no longer be compatible with the device. If you want to continue using the HD Traffic receiver, you must not download this software. . Allows you to choose the data by which the thread list will be sorted. Aside from the functional cookies, there are cookies to give you a more relevant web experience and serve relevant advert­ise­ments. In the cookiesetting above you can switch on/off cookies and settings which we use to make our content or advert­isement more relevant for you.

More information on these cookies and settings can find below. Navcore-Update – TomTom MyDrive Connect weist Sie beim Installieren von beispielsweise neuen Karten und POIs darauf hin, dass Sie zuerst ein Navcore-Update installieren müssen? Nur leider wird in MyDrive kein entsprechendes Update angeboten! . Wir bei TomTom helfen Ihnen gerne, sich zurechtzufinden. Daher verwenden wir Cookies, um unsere Seiten zu verbessern, Ihnen Informationen basierend auf Ihren Interessen zu liefern und die Interaktion mit sozialen Medien zu ermöglichen. Wenn Sie damit einverstanden sind, können Sie unsere Seiten weiterhin nutzen. klicken Sie hier It looks like you`re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! . . Thanks for the heads-up. Are you aware of any reason why we should prevent the upgrade from taking place if we aren`t affected by this: Copyright © 2020 TomTom International BV. All rights reserved.

Übrigens, hinter Navcore verbirgt sich die auf dem TomTom Navigationssystem installierte Anwendungssoftware. Pardot (Customers): We would like to understand the business needs of our WEBFLEET customers. To do this, we use a marketing automation tool called Pardot.

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