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Property Management Referral Agreement

We pay you a one-time fee of $333.00 per unit. This tax is paid to the brokerage`s brokerage office as soon as the house is rented and as part of a current administrative agreement. We pay you 25% of a month`s rent as soon as we get a new property for full service property management. Leases receive 10% of the one-month rent. You deserve a referral fee of $750 for each new client you contact us to sign us up for property management services. Larger recommendations for units and small apartment buildings… Call us for more details We offer a referral fee of $750 to each licensed real estate agent to refer us to a client we will sign up for Property Management Services. HCM Property Management agrees to pay the referring brokers a one-time fee of $750 once the house is leased and under a current administrative agreement. NARPMĀ® is the professional, educational and ethical guide for the residential real estate management sector and the association of real estate professionals.

Do you want to focus on what you do best and not let yourself be healed by property management? We want you to feel safe and, if you wish, we will give you a signed copy of our referral agreement so that you have legal protection. We expect our customers and tenants to respect their agreements, and we do the same with you. Do you have a property management division that simply takes too long with low yields? We connect them and conduct them through our sales process to help them get the best rental amount for their property. If you send us a recommendation, you will increase your chances of getting a future sale from them. We are often the first to know their intention to sell their real estate and send it back to you. Just fill out our recommendation form to send us a recommendation and we promise to take care of our common customers. Do you find real estate management free (or almost free) because your investor asked you? . We recommend that the referring agent prepare the owner for a call from our office so that our first introduction goes smoothly. You can also send them to our website at

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