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Salesforce Saas Agreement

We received an e-mail saying that we were responsible for paying the unpaid bill of $40,000 within 5 days, otherwise our organization would be closed. Knowing that if our Salesforce account was down, we would no longer be in business, we are now being manipulated to pay the full balance under the threat of closing within 5 days. We negotiated for more than 5 months without dissolution, who would believe that we would reach a solution within 5 days? We have tried to adapt the treaty, but they have always tried to distort it in their favour. It was always like this: `OK, you want to drop two users, we`re ready to do it. But we have to sign a new loan for another two-year contract for the four users you will keep. 6.4 Suspension of services. If a fee you owe has been outstanding for 30 days or more, we may, without restricting our other rights and remedies, suspend services and support until these amounts are fully paid, provided we have informed you at least 10 days in advance that your account is late in accordance with Section 14.2 (Manner of Giving Notice) below. If you have an agreement directly with Salesforce and Salesforce suspends services for you because of your violation of this Agreement, all services installed in the same Salesforce instance are also not accessible and are not considered a violation of this Agreement. “Functionality and flexibility allow us to directly integrate specific agreements into multiple accounts receivable, reducing the time and volume of management of all of our customer files. The customer support team is first class and has been very helpful in implementing new De PactSafe features to launch our team. 14.6 No agency. To avoid any doubt, we enter into this agreement as a senior agent and not as an agent for other company.

Subject to an authorized assignment under Section 15.9 (Cession), our obligations under this Agreement are due to us and the obligations you owe under this Agreement are exclusively ours. We can change these conditions at any time, so be sure to check regularly. By continuing to use a website or registering on that website after these conditions have changed, you indicate your consent to the revised terms. If you do not accept the changes, you should stop using or registering on the sites. 8.2 Protection of confidential information. The receiving party will apply the same care it uses to protect the confidentiality of its own confidential information of the same nature (but no less due diligence) (i) not to use the disclosure party`s confidential information for purposes outside the scope of this agreement, and (ii) unless the party with the right to disclose it has approved it in writing. , to limit access to the disclosing party`s confidential information to the staff and contractors of its partners and contractors who require such access for purposes in accordance with this agreement and who have signed confidentiality agreements with the receiving party, which contain no less strict safeguards than those mentioned in it. Neither party will disclose the terms of this contract or an order form to third parties other than their associated companies, legal and accounting advisors and Salesforce without the prior written consent of the other party, provided that a party who makes such disclosure to its partner, legal counsel or accountant remains responsible for the compliance of this Section 8 (confidentiality) by these individuals. , legal or accounting advisors. Salesforce`s agreement officially states that 30 days of written notification is given, but most real-life complaints we`ve heard or that we might find instead mention 5-7 days instead.

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