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Season Ticket Sharing Agreement Template

I couldn`t come to an agreement where people shared ownership of the permanent card rights, so I did mine. It is far from perfect, but it spells out the fundamental questions. I guess many other permanent cardholders are in the same dilemma as me: we have 8 seats and 5 people share them. So we need a good common doc to track who goes to what game with how many people, and who is not available for certain weeks, etc. Make sure you receive signatures from all parties and authenticate documents in a notarily manner. Seat holders may only want to go season after season. Include how long the agreement will last. Include a launch date, an end date and a clause on how one of the parties can voluntarily terminate the agreement. My partners take a different number of games — can the order project take this into account? I`m sure you`re sure. You have full control of the draft contract and we have tools that will help you set up a fair project, regardless of the number of games or tickets each partner occupies. You can allocate your tickets at optional prices and receive a current amount and a sum of what each partner owes depending on the design during the design.

This can be very useful if the tickets are variable price and your group does not use an average price. We`ll see how the project goes and then we`ll see how the playoff tickets go, since we all know the Giants are going to win everything. 😉 Permanent cardholders are the best customers of a team. You should have the tools to manage your partners and tickets AND find new partners so you can extend each year. Is there an AutoDraft? Yes, yes. We always recommend people to do their own advice, but any partner can rank the games in season and activate AutoDraft and the system will choose for them. Season Share is free for fans. There is no service charge for the creation of a group of tickets. We used a fantastic football design generator and we had a ticket design.

Special events such as playoffs and permanent cardholder events, we used a waiver priority based on the payment order… but if you take an event, you move down. Can I access the draft results all season? That`s for sure. Your draft results are available to all partners throughout the season. You can view property details in a list format or calendar. “An app that makes buying tickets easier and cheaper? It`s a no-brain. Put fans sitting in your seats with only a few fingers on your phone. Yeah! We understand that each group has different rules and ownership relationships. Our system is designed for each group of seasonal cards. You have total control of the group members, the draft order, the design flow and any other special agreement that your group needs.

OnlineDraft offers a fair, effective and entertaining way to use your permanent cards. Write down all the terms of the agreement. In the document, write down in detail the terms you want to implement. If you have had oral negotiations on the agreement, note what you have discussed. Explore the laws of your state. Before you start writing the specific provisions of your legal agreement, check which laws you are related to and evaluate the information that should be in your document.

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