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Threshold Table Programmatic Agreement

(5) A programmatic agreement on conservation projects is being developed. d) Texas ECOS is a web-based relational database for electronic communications and environmental coordination monitoring. TPWD allows access to Texas ECOS with user rights to make the exchange of information paperless and in real time. Until TPWD has agreed in writing that Texas ECOS is capable of verifying TPWD coordination, all coordinating is done in writing and forwarded to the Agency`s header. b) This sub-chapter does not apply to individual maintenance projects for which a programmatic environmental assessment is conducted in accordance with item 2.133 of this chapter. For properties that have not been pre-assessed or reassessed, the Caltrans District simultaneously submits its written determination of eligibility and supporting documents to CSO, FHWA, where FHWA`s liability has not been transferred and taken over to Caltrans and SHPO for verification in accordance with the scons. VIII.C.6 and VIIC.6.a and b. except that if the SHPO objects to the determination of eligibility within thirty days of receiving the appropriate documentation. , the Caltrans District and the CSO or FHWA, as well as all advisory parties, are continuing their consultations with the SHPO in order to reach an agreement. If it is not possible to reach an agreement within 15 days of receiving the objection, CSO or FHWA will recover a final determination of eligibility by the holder in accordance with 36 CFR Part 63. The Keeper`s decision is final.

(3) A programmatic agreement on TxDOT-funded positions within TPWD is being developed. The objective of this programming agreement will be to reduce by 50 per cent the number of projects that will be referred to TPWD for coordination, to reduce the average project audit time and to increase the environmental value of the project reduction. If the Caltrans District finds that the seismic Retrofit Program affects a historic property or if an objection cannot be resolved within 15 days, caltrans District is established in accordance with the S.A.S. X.C. In the event of disagreement, the Caltrans District will act in accordance with Stipulation X, except that the response times for the consultation are 15 days instead of 30. b) TxDOT coordinates with the TPWD in accordance with No. 2.207 of this sub-chapter (with regard to early project coordination) or 2.208 of this sub-chapter (related to the project coordination management) of a proposed transportation project if a trigger is completed in accordance with point 2.206 or if a threshold is exceeded in the programmatic agreement on the threshold established in accordance with .2.213 , and that one of the following conditions is also met: (4) A programmatic agreement is being developed to update and support TXNDD as a first-rate resource.

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