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Wedding Agreement Kaskus

Wedding films allow us to compare our habits and attitudes with others. If you look, for example, at how values such as religious education, consumption, patriarchy and romanticism appear in the film (Coztanzo, 2014, p. 129). Not only on romanticism, wedding films can also be considered part of the group of melodrama and female films. Sometimes the film inserts the dark, funny and political side of each plot and each character of the player. Then, the wedding film often inserts cultural elements of both the groom`s family and the woman, so that the audience can find new knowledge about the film. Indonesia offers pretty much wedding movies. One of them is the film Wedding Agreement (2019) by Eria Chuzaimiah with Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari. Obstacles, we are sometimes stuck, we get lost, are tempted and are involved in other things. For example, we first want to get articles that are relevant to the assignment of teachers, but because we find popular posts about celebrities, politicians or WhatsApp downloads from friends, the intention to get this article is definitely forgotten. Not to mention that quotas and pulses, while there are no hotspots around us, end up feeling like the most lonely people in the world. Students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta Tagged as: books, books, digital, literacy, literature, literature The presence of the marriage genre certainly gives color in the world of the film industry.

When producing a wedding film, film companies must also take into account the characters, stories and themes of the actors to be shown. . Literature in the digital age is a literature whose medium of dissemination is digital, so that it can be enjoyed digitally. According to him, the progression of digital literature is very good, because literature must be in tune with time to be timeless. When literature is applied in the digital field, there is a positive and negative side to literacy culture in the digital age, particularly in Indonesia. Now people can more easily access literary works to consume them and produce literary works. The obstacle is that information bombs can deliver people. The issue of royalties could be a problem. According to him, the interest in reading millennia has now greatly increased, they often read status for example, news and information they want to know. The question is, do they read a literary work or not? Millennials and Generation Z must be trained, in the sense that they can quickly and accurately access information in different media. Thus, not only literacy and writing, but also literacy technology, digital, visual, financial, etc.

As I said, the wedding film tries to insert the culture of the family of the bride and groom. Advances in digital literature can enrich our literary treasures and be more practical. Literary works can be read on laptops or gadgets. Even if laptops and gadgets aren`t ours, we can still read them if we store them on our blogs, websites, emails or readers. Dr. Sumiyadi M.

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